12 Exercitii de slabit ideas | exerciții, exerciții fizice, abdomene

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Descarca Timed 30 minutes of virtual scenery for treadmill and other exercise machines. Perfect for working out on a Treadmill, Exercise bike, Cross trainer, Rowing machine etc. Filmed in the picturesque hobbit shires of Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds, this updated high quality footage will melt away the tedium of your exercise workout.

The music is not to everyone's tastes, so feel free to mute and use your own if you are so inclined. I just realised whilst watching this back that at 27 minutes, there is a short period where I pull over for about 30 seconds!

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Hope you enjoy it! PS, oops!

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Do please thumbs-up, comment and leave feedback, and of course subscribe for more! GeorgeAcum 5 luni Fat burn esteira from Richmond, Virginia, Fat burn esteira love your videos, I do eliptical, treadmill, and stationary cycle, to your videos nearly every day!

Thank you. GeorgeAcum 5 luni Thank you, thank you.

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I walk with your videos every day! My exercise bike is coming in for a bit more use at the moment as a replacement for not going to the gym since lockdown!

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It is raining hard and 40mph winds today so real bike riding is out of the question. Thank you so much!

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Virtual FeatsAcum 4 Zile I have family here! ROblocks has everything So I take back my comments about the advert skipping it is now not a problem for such a brilliant video workout.

More like this one please Elmar WegmannAcum lună love it!

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Madame BelrhaliAcum 2 luni génial, le paysage est superbe. But, would've liked to have been looking at a much nicer scene then those garbage cans Sol KirschenbaumAcum 3 luni Great ridereally enjoyed it!

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Maggie HansardAcum 3 luni Really great video, loved the scenery, really makes exercise a bit more enjoyable. Love it!

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Going at the pace of the cars on the road. Although it has been chilly lately. Wow- another great scene.

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Thanks and just subscribed! Thanks a lot! Now I actually enjoy the turbo trainer!

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J'ai essayé mon entrainement vélo avec votre vidéo et pour une fois je n'ai pas vu le temps passer. Les paysages m'envoutaient tant ils sont magnifiques et la musique extra entrainante. Merci beaucoup!

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Vous me redonnez courage dans mon entrainement! Gail AliceaAcum 4 luni Would have love just nature sounds. Perfect for indoor cycling. Loved the scenery and music - very motivating and uplifting.

Look forward to doing again and trying your other videos. Thanks very much! Rickie LongfellowAcum 5 luni It is fantastic!

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Thank you, Rickvanman! This video makes my exercise fun and relax. Beautiful landscapes! Blessings of LoveAcum 5 luni This is way awesome cause it's winter here where I am. It has been my company for exercising since the pandemic began Hope you do some more soon. Davelovessusie WriterAcum 5 luni I like the first part of the music and have been trying to find this music as I walk in my home using the music and listening to my iPad.

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Jill HoyleAcum 6 luni Thank you for these exercise scenery videos! I'm from Texas, USA Beautiful scenery, good music.

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  • 12 Exercitii de slabit ideas | exerciții, exerciții fizice, abdomene
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I hope to visit this area in person someday. I found one of your videos that ended a The Swan hotel? I can't find that one any more. Can you post the link?