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I. Relaxing, stress relieving massage

Daily stress and emotional conflicts lead to chronic muscle tension, which can lead to a deterioration of mental health over time. Muscle tension inhibits the free movement of the body, resulting in stress lumps, especially in the neck-shoulder section.
Relaxation massage helps to regain our physical and mental balance.

- Well, neck, shoulder: 30 minutes 3 500 Ft
- Full body: back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs 60 minutes 6 500 Ft

I-II. Relaxing, stress relieving massage with aromatherapy- ethnobotany

Aromatherapy and ethnobotany harness the healing power of flora. Essential oils contain concentrated healing power of plants and are considered to be a source of vitality. Pure, natural scents, feelings: Nature's gift to body, soul, spirit.

- Well, neck, shoulder: 30 minutes 4 000 Ft

- Full body: back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs 60 minutes 7 500 Ft

I-II-III. Relaxing, stress-relieving massage with aromatherapy and ethnobotanical galvanic treatment

Nowadays, every 2nd person has joint, spinal cartilage problems.
Galvanic therapy has two purposes: to determine what causes pain in the area, which can be treated in the deep layer, by initiating circulation, restoring fluid vibration in the joints. The treatment ends with a herbal active ingredient based on a genetic basis and absorbed in the deep layer.
It can also be selected for asymptomatic, because every body needs to strengthen and refresh the muscles between the spine along the spine.

The treatment initiates the process of cell regeneration, thus contributing to the healing of damaged tissues, and galvanic treatments have been used for decades because of its anti-aging effect. Each treatment is aimed at the initiation and initiation of the body blocks and muscle nodes, and the healthy cellular circulation of the body, individually.

- Full back treatment + massage with aromatherapy (neck-shoulder belt, back) 30 minutes 5 000 Ft

- Full body treatment + massage with aromatherapy 60 minutes 9 500 Ft

IV. „Soft, light soles” Galvanic, ethnobotanical foot massage:

30 minutes 5 000 Ft

V. "Fresh, tight face" Facial massage and galvanic, ethnobotanical anti-wrinkle treatment

30 minutes 5 000 Ft
60 minutes 9 500 Ft

VI. Refreshing lymphatic drainage:

for dieters, detoxification, constipation, edema, lymphatic system stimulation

30 minutes 4 500 Ft
60 minutes 7 000 Ft

VII. Herbal Massage:

Steamed herbal bags (made from herbal remedies discussed by the guest) stimulate blood circulation with steam heat and herbal active ingredients, activate muscles, stiff joints, relieve muscle and joint inflammation, relieve tension blocking of its energy paths.
Available with refreshing and relaxing pellets. Choice of refreshing effect: chamomile, nettle, rose hips, lemongrass, peppermint. In the relaxer: chamomile, rose hips, medicinal sage, lavender, linden flowers.

30 minutes full back massage 5 500 Ft
60 minutes full body massage 9 500 Ft

VIII. Hot stone massage:

Combines the benefits of thermotherapy, which, with the help of heated and placed stones at the right points of the body, results in a balance of body and spirit, resulting in total body relaxation.
It helps the flow of energy and improves well-being while relieving stress. Positive effects: stimulate blood circulation, improve lymphatic circulation: decontaminate, detoxify, elasticity of muscles, preserves the elasticity of joints, revitalizes the skin surface, promotes cell renewal.

30 minutes 5 500 Ft
60 minutes 9 500 Ft

IX. Honey massage:

Thanks to its high vitamin-mineral content, it has an immune-boosting, cleansing, detoxifying and antiseptic effect. It has an extremely refreshing, energizing effect. The entire treated area rejuvenates and the skin becomes almost velvety.

Full back massage 30 minutes 5 000 Ft

X. Chocolate Massage:

Thanks to its antioxidant content, it prevents damage to the cells of the body. It has an endorphin-producing effect: it gives you a sense of happiness, a harmonious charge, and a pleasant experience for your body and soul. It also moisturizes and tones the skin, has a softening, revitalizing effect.

30 minutes 5 000 Ft
60 minutes 9 500 Ft

Massages VII-X require preparation, so prior booking is required.


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